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RUST-X Products

We would like to introduce ourselves as Authorized dealers for M/s Rustx for VCI products composing of VCI plastics, VCI papers, VCI master packaging, Anti Corrosion Oils, Cutting Oils, Hydraulic Oils, VCI Emitters etc.

Our product range comprises Protect Guard Sheet, VCI Crepe Paper Rust-X VCL 605,606,607, VCI HDPE Laminated Paper, VCI Metbarr - Metal Barrier Bag, VCI Polyester Packaging, VCI Plastic, Textile Lubricant, Grease, Wood Guard, Rust Preventive Oil, Aqua Flush, Solvent Based and Cutting Oil. Our products are known for various quality features such as prevent the growth of bacteria, protects the parts from corrosion and rust, long tool life, excellent scuff resistance, provide elasticity and gloss, high strength, require less maintenance, trouble-free and smooth and operation, minimize operator dependence, 100% eco-friendly, excellent lubrication and many more.

Packing material

"Air Bubble Sheet, Polythene White or Color, Bopp Tapes, Corrugated Sheets, Stretch Wrap, Plywood Sheets, Foam Sheets, Packing tools, Sealing Lead & Wire, Strapping Metal, Plastic n pet."

Packing services

Packing of any kind of Products involving " Wooden / Plywood boxes & pallets, Corrugated boxes,Stretch Wrapping & Shrink wrapping, People for packing ",

Box suppliers

"Export-ply Wood boxes, Birch Wood Plywood boxes, Pine wood boxes, Domestic-jungle Wood boxes ". Crates for all purposes.

Pallet suppliers

" Plywood Pallets, Jungle Wood Pallet, Pinewood Pallets "

Our Brands

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