eCommerce Packaging Solutions

eCommerce packaging solutions refer to the packaging materials and methods used for shipping products purchased online. These solutions need to be designed to protect the contents of the package during transportation and handling, as well as to be appealing to the customer.

eCommerce Packaging is the packaging used to deliver individual products directly to the customer and it plays an important role due to huge growth in the eCommerce segment over the past decade and the increased dependency on the industry over the past 2 years due the ongoing pandemic. It is an ever evolving industry becoming more efficient and cost effective over the period of time to meet the ever increasing demand for the new eCommerce packaging solutions with new packaging solutions.

As a retailer out there, choosing the right eCommerce packaging material near me is an informed decision taken in the best interest of the business. So before zeroing in on the eCommerce packaging solutions you want to go ahead with for your complete packaging needs, there are certain things to keep in mind as it has a direct impact on your business. Good eCommerce packaging solutions reduce damages caused during shipping and reduce the percentage of the overall return rates. Choosing the right vendor also brings down the cost of shipping by keeping the eCommerce packaging material light and made to fit the actual product by providing a good avenue for branding which in turn increases the overall customer satisfaction.

There is a checklist of best practices an eCommerce company will run through to ensure that they’ve got their hands on the best eCommerce packaging solution available to them.

Made to fit

The brand packaging and the eCommerce packaging should be made to fit as much as possible. Cutting down on the size of the packaging would drastically cut down the cost of the packaging material used and also reduces shipping charges.

Flexible versus Rigid

Plastic containers which are rigid may not always be the right choice for you. For example, liquids can be packed in pouches instead of bottles as bottles tend to be heavier and take more space. Courier bags can be used for smaller items as an alternative for cardboard boxes. It ensures that the consumer ends up dealing up lesser waste.

Void fillers

As an alternative for ecologically harmful styrofoam peanuts, companies across the globe are using materials like bamboo, gree and wheat straw to reduce the environmental footprint.

Triple effective tapes

A tape can do a lot more than holding the package together in place, It can seal the package, it can strengthen the package and at the same time brand the package if logo and colours are added.

Branding the box

There is no hard and fast rule that says packaging has to be plain, brown and boring. There is always scope to reinvent the look and feel based on the branding the company aims for, giving more visibility and recall for the brand.

Unboxing expectation

There is an underlying opportunity to create loyalty improving the unboxing experience of the customer.

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