Packaging Secondary is the exterior packaging outside the primary packaging that bounds packages that further protects or safeguards the product.

Prime is a leading packaging service provider at Bangalore when it comes to wooden packaging products. Incorporated in the year 2003, Prime Inc has carved a niche as the leading supplier of the wide range of Heat Treated wooden pallets, crates, boxes and export packaging solutions across India.

We use 2 types of wood:-

  • Rubber wood
  • Pine wood
Packaging (Secondary)

Plantation grown woods are a renewable resource, which offer positive and long-lasting social, environmental and economic benefits to the Indian community. These are softwood species that have been planted over many years to help reduce India’s reliance on imported woods. Prime prefers on using only plantation woods. No forest or local woods are used in any of our packaging services.

Merits of Plantation Woods:-

➢It is environmentally friendly as these trees have to be cut down.

➢It is sustainable.

➢Products will be repeatable

➢Quality will be consistent

➢Most sizes are available

➢Strength will be consistent

Wooden Boxes

Wooden boxes are made of selected & superior grade woods and these resources are provided to us by reliable and legal vendors of the market. These wooden boxes are widely praised for the features like superior elasticity strength, exceptional capacity for high loading and moist proof. The wooden boxes are made of different woods like pine wood, silver wood, timber wood, plywood, rubber woods and others. We make our wooden boxes in different sizes and color finishing catering the growing demands of the industry. The sealing of wooden box is made using fasteners, adhesive tapes and ropes. Different types of fasteners like nuts, bolts, screws are used for closing the open surfaces of the wooden packaging boxes.

Wooden Pallets

Prime Inc. is among the most favored Manufacturers of Pallets Collars, ISPM15 Chemical Fumigation Wooden Pallets, 4 Way Wooden Pallets, 2 Way Wooden Pallets, Plywood Pallets, Euro Pallets, and Plywood Boxes in the country. Wooden pallets, crates and cages with fumigation and heat treatment, with a supply capacity of more than 2000 pallets per day, we are able to offer excellent product standard at competitive prices at any given time. We understand the risks involved in international shipments and the awareness required for transporting the consignment in the safest possible manner.


  • Powerful and long-lasting packaging solution
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Lightweight
  • Tailored sizes are available up to a length of 8 ft

Plywood does not pose any phyto sanitary threats according to FAO – IPPC – ISPM15 thus it is proven to be a reliable load carrier.

Implementation Range

Export Shipment

In-house storage of spares, components etc…


Wooden Crates

Prime is purely engaged in manufacturing an extensive range of Wooden Crates. These wooden crates are offered by us in different sizes and shapes so as to cater the broad demands of the industry. Our wooden crates are in different types of varnishes and wood paints are offered on the wooden crates to add high termite resistant and moist proof properties. Sufficient ventilation arrangement is provided on the wooden crates so as to ensure original properties in the packed items. Unlike plastic and paper boxes, wooden containers are extremely resistant and can withstand the heavy loads. We offer our all wooden boxes at industry leading prices.


Protection against moisture

Termite proof



Appealing Appearance

Application areas

Secured Sea Shipment

Heavy Machinery Industries